Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Maintain One Project When Your Writing Slows Down

Our writing often slows down for one reason or situations, health, taking on other projects, loss of market, etc.  When this happens, try to maintain at least one project that will keep you writing. 

This might be:
  • Daily journal
  • Letters to friends and family
  • Blog writing
  • Work on a book
  • Writing a column
Throughout the years, I've found my Country Kitchen column my standby.  This was my first published work many, many years ago for my hometown newspaper.  When that newspaper was sold and the new owner wanted to use syndicated columnists, I looked for another publisher.

Over the years Country Kitchen has appeared in magazines, newspapers, and blogs...sometimes in only one publication and sometimes multiple newspapers.  I sometimes didn't get paid much for it, but it kept me writing and on a deadline. 

Due to health and family situations, I've had to slow down temporarily with my writing.  However, Country Kitchen appears weekly in the McKenzie River Reflections at McKenzie Bridge, OR.  I also have begun writing in my blogs again.

Find something   to write about and keep looking for creative ways to promote your writing.

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