Friday, April 04, 2014

Catching Up with Blog Writing

I have, for some time, been quite inactive with keeping my blogs up to date due to a variety of, family challenges, work other than writing and computer slowdown.  I'm now trying to catch up and to decide which of my blogs and writing projects should take priority.

Which will tie in with other writing projects?
Which will promote my writing projects and books?
Which will be the most enjoyable to write?
Are there any I should delete?

Sometimes we get caught up in writing projects that have little or no direction and, although fun, might be better to put off for awhile.  Concentrate on those that will help you move forward.

Your blogs, too, may be a way of sharing with family and friends without having to write to each one individually.  I'm doing this with my family history musings since many of my family seem interested in their heritage.

Why do you write your blog(s)?

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