Sunday, April 29, 2007

Joyce Anthony Stops at Potpourri of Writing on Her Tour

Today I’m visiting with Joyce Anthony, whose first novel, STORM, has just been published. She has been on a month long blog tour and is stopping by Mary Emma’s Potpourri of Writing as she wraps it up.

It’s a delight to have Joyce stop by, and I’ve asked her some questions that will let you know more about her, her writing, and STORM.

Thank you, Joyce, for taking time to visit. I’m sure my readers will find this interview interesting and informative and enable them to know you better.

MEASTORM is called a spiritual fantasy. How would you explain that?

JOYCESTORM is based on spiritual principles—especially of faith. However, elements of the story are completely removed from what is reality and that is where the fantasy comes in. This story weaves reality and fantasy together in such a way that you wonder at the chance of the events actually taking place.

MEA – Do you draw ideas from real life situations to develop your characters and your story?

JOYCE - All the situations of the individuals in STORM occur daily in every city and town in the world—homelessness, domestic violence, child abuse—all are real. None of my characters is based on anyone I know—yet each would be someone you know, I know, or the next reader knows.

MEA – So many people ask me, “Mary, where did you get the idea for your story?” Since this seems to be a universal question or curiosity, I’ll ask that of you.

JOYCE – The story is based on several different glimpses, thoughts, dreams. Each in and of itself would be meaningless, yet they build upon each other and eventually connect into a story.

MEA – Fascinating! The next question—what was your biggest challenge in writing this book?

JOYCE – My biggest challenge was actually my self-doubt. The story came so easily it made me wonder as to whether it was any good. I constantly battled with myself about sharing it with anyone.

MEA – What do you hope people will see about the world after reading STORM?

JOYCE – I hope people will take the time to get to know those they have ignored or judged. I want them to realize that everyone has a story behind how they got to where they are at this very moment—and they are much deeper than society gives them credit for. Judgment is not ours, as humans, to make, for we do not know the hearts and souls of those around us. Too often we don’t even take the time to try.

MEA – Thank you, Joyce, for sharing with us. You’ve given me interesting insight into your book and why you wrote it. I wish you much success with STORM and any you have planned in the future.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yvonne Russell Interviewed on Home Biz Notes

I interviewed Yvonne Russell, of Grow Your Writing Business, on my Home Biz Notes blog, Part 1 and Part 2. Yvonne responded to a post I'd written about home businesses, and I thought her comments could be expanded further for those who travel, yet conduct home businesses.

Writers, as long as they find a place to access the Internet, can write, blog, and send their manuscripts most anywhere they are. Since my husband and I travel a great deal, I'm always looking for hotels/motels with wireless access, as well as other locations. It's also great to find airports accommodating writers and other business people this way.

Yvonne continually posts information on Grow Your Writing Business to assist writers in their profession.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Blog...Book Bag Blog for Tots Through Live

My latest blog, Book Bag Blog for Tots Through Teens, is now "live" and gives me opportunity to discuss writing for younger readers, as well as encouraging them to read. As an avid reader all my life, I enjoy sharing stories with others, both through my writing and my workshops.

At Book Bag Blog, I'll share books and reading, hoping to encourage young readers and inform the adults in their lives. My daughter and grandchildren may add their input from time to time. They're continually making library runs to stock up on reading material, browsing book stores, and accumulating books for our home library.

Since I teach writing for youngsters and adults, as well as write for them, Book Bag Blog gives me another way to reach them.

Let me know what you think of this latest of my writing blogs.

Joyce Anthony to Visit on Her Blog Tour

Just a Joyce Anthony will be stopping by, Monday, April 30, to culminate her month long blog tour.

Blog tours and virtual book signings have gained in popularity recently as an author to "tour" the world and discuss their writing and books.

I also enjoy hosting blog tours and getting to know different authors.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Travel Writing as a Home Business

If you'd like to learn more about travel writing, you may want to visit my Home Biz Notes blog for a post on this topic. Yvonne Russell, of Grow Your Writing Business, added a comment about finding travel writing stories in one's local area, which is actually how I got started in this field.

I've also taught workshops, online and off, about travel writing. These include information about finding topics and markets locally as well as when you travel.