Monday, March 19, 2007

My Co-Blogger at Alzheimer's Notes Interviewed

Liz Lewis, my co-blogger over at b5media's Alzheimer's Notes has been interviewed by Yvonne Russell at Grow Your Writing Business. Yvonne calls Liz a freelance writing blogstar who has been developing her career very rapidly.

You may want to check out Liz's story and some of the tips she gives for developing her writing and blogging abilities so she began getting paid assignments within a few months of announcing her intention of becoming a professional freelance writer.

With her experience as an RN working with older adults, Liz complements my experience as a caregiver for my mom and aunt. We also come from opposite sides of the globe so now give Alzheimer's Notes an international dimension.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Writing With a Co-Author

The only writing I've done previously with a co-author has been with my daughter. Generally we split the work with her doing the research, photography, and proof reading while I did the writing. We often wrote travel articles this way. We also are working on a teen mystery with both of us contributing.

This month, I've ventured into a new co-author gig. At Alzheimer's Notes blog, at b5media, Liz Lewis from New Zealand has joined me as a co-author. She's an RN and works with the over 65 age group, thus has experience with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Liz will be adding an international, as well as professional dimension to the blog, since I live in the US and have been involved with Alzheimer's as a caregiver for my mom and aunt, author, and speaker.

You may like to visit Alzheimer's Notes to learn about the information we're posting.

In this era of the Internet, we can co-author with other writers around the globe.