Monday, April 07, 2014

Dislike of Modern Fantasy Books

Perhaps I'm "old-fashioned," but I dislike the modern fantasy books and find them depressing.  Are they contributing to the disrespectful attitudes of many who read them?  Do they lead youngsters and young adults to look at the world with a depressing view?

This isn't to say that books should create a rose-colored and unrealistic view of the world and our lives.  However, so many of the modern fantasy books delve into violence and present jaded characters.

I realize many people will say I'm wrong.  They (adults and young readers) regard these books and series as wonderful.

I read fantasies, or "fairy tales" as we called them, in my youth.  But they didn't seem to have so much violence and depressing outlooks.

I did come across one mother who refuses to let her children read these types of books until they're 14.  What happens when the books are included in class reading in middle school and discussed in class?  What happens when they want to attend movies of these books at a younger age?  They will hear classmates and teachers discussing the books and movies.

Reading the books your youngsters are reading and discussing your "old-fashioned" views of them does help to give them insight into why you may not approve...and give them something to consider.

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