Thursday, August 05, 2010

Book Review - Explore Rocks and Minerals!

My daughter was fascinated with collecting rocks and minerals. Her children have been, too. When my husband and I travel, we try to find rocks of the area and unusual natural items as souvenirs for the children.

A new book came to my attention recently - Explore Rocks and Minerals! by Cynthia Light Brown & Nick Brown, published by Nomad Press. It contains a great deal of information with projects, activities and experiments that youngsters can undertake. This would make a great resource book for teachers and home schooling parents, too.

In addition to projects and experiments, you learn about the various types of rocks found inside and outside the earth. You'll also discover where to locate them.

Did you know you can make your own basalt columns?
Did you realize that some islands are made up completely of volcanic rocks? Which ones?
Fossils are so fascinating. Learn about them and how to make your own.
Become a "rock hound," discover facts about rocks and minerals as you collect your own.

An easy-to-read book, Explore Rocks and Minerals! offers information that children and adults will find fascinating.


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