Friday, January 15, 2010

Appreciating & Writing Poetry Workshops

Do it now! Do it now! Don't delay!

These words ran through my mind after reading Shai Coggins' description of her new blogging network, Kidoosh, for which I write two blogs and co-author another. Shai said she didn't consider her network as complete as she'd like, and it needed some design changes.

However, if she kept putting off the launch until everything was perfect, she might never introduce it and her bloggers to the world.

So....I decided I'd better start putting together my book of poetry and my workshops. I've been teaching poetry in many of the classes when substitute teaching and enjoying it as much as the youngsters. I've developed lesson plans that children and adults can use.

Today, I began writing the outline for my workshops, which can be adjusted for each audience.
Onward I go!

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