Thursday, December 25, 2008

Will Print Publications Disappear?


Saving trees and deleting the energy intensive processes involved in turning trees into paper is termed as being "eco-friendly" or "eco-conscious." We're finding that more and more print publications are developing an online presense.

Some have an online edition as well as a print one. Others are discontinuing their print versions as they publish solely online.

My daughter found that her favorite quilting magazine has developed an online subscription which costs less than the print version. The publisher will be offering both, but one wonders for how long.

My husband received a notice from a magazine he subscribes to that starting with the February issue, it will only be available online. He can no longer receive a print issue. If he doesn't desire this, he can get a refund. However, he says, even though he prefers a print edition, he does need the magazine for the information it contains for keeping current in his business.

Which do you prefer? Have you found a way to download online magazines onto an electronic reader?

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