Sunday, December 23, 2007

Writing & Blogging Goals for 2008

As we approach 2008, many of us will think about goals, but how many will seriously write them down and then follow through with a strategy to make them work.

The Group Writing Project: 2008 Blogging Goals at Daily Blog Tips has me energized.

1. Develop this blog (Mary Emma's Potpourri of Writing) into a popular one with at least 40,000 readers per month.

2. Host at least one author on tour here per month.

3. Post at least 6 times per week. (It's been hit and miss for the most part.)

4. Develop here and on my other writing blogs strategies for letting people know about my writing workshops, online classes, and talks for groups.

5. Find a way to earn a monthly income from this blog. (So far that hasn't been part of my strategy as I've written here at Potpourri for fun, but not for profit.)

6. Teach 6 classes on blog writing this year, starting with writers' conferences and publicists' workshops.

7. Reach an average of 10 comments per post.

8. Join and become active on one online community

9. Learn about RSS

10. Become knowledgeable about the "techie" stuff that creates ratings. (Can you believe I've been blogging but don't know much about these?!)

(My blogs at b5media you may find of interest: Quilting and Patchwork, Home Biz Notes, and Alzheimer's Notes.)


Bilingual Blogger said...

Mary Emma,
I followed your link from Daily Blog Tips to have a look around. Here's hoping you fulfill your goals in 2008. Cheers!!

Mary Emma Allen said...

Thank you for stopping by and encouraging me. I hope to get all my blogs working together to draw traffic to one another and to offer information of interest to my readers.

Paris said...

I found your calling card at Daily Blog, liked your post title, and came to read your 2008 blog goals. Your post is well-written and best of luck with your goals in 2008.

I just did some quick window-shopping at your blog, but I will be back as I like the content, tone and focus of your blog.

Mary Emma Allen said...

Thanks you for visiting Potpourri, Paris. I'm pleased you find it interesting. I'm planning, this year, to make it a more active blog.