Thursday, December 27, 2007


As Holly Fretwell makes her virtual tour around the blogosphere this month for her book, The Sky's NOT Falling, Why It's OK to Chill About Global Warming, she's stopping at Potpourri of Writing.

Holly concern about global warming and the environment puts her in league with other writers and speakers in today's world. However, Holly has a "different" view from many who are getting their names in the news and making a "big splash" in the sea of world media. She uses a common sense, well researched approach in her book for youngsters (but of interest to adults, too), The Sky's NOT Falling.

Yes, there are environmental situations to be concerned about, but Holly encourages optimism about the future of our planet and the solutions we can find with human innovation and creativity, along with individual choice, not political agendas. She shows kids 8-12 (and adults, too) that "It's human ingenuity and adaptability...not mindless fear of change...that is most likely to guanantee the Earth a healthy future."

Holly doesn't just spout her facts and reasons without valid background. She's a professor of natural resources policy at Montana State University and mother of two, who has a well researched view about global warming and the hype...a view with which other scientists now are beginning to concur.

For additional information about Holly's book and the topic of global warming, Controversy Sells for Holly Fretwell, Author of The Sky's NOT Falling at Book Marketing Buzz.

For a review of Holly's book, read: Book Review- A Different View on Global Warming.

(Published by World Ahead Media, Los Angeles, CA.; ISBN #9780976726944. The book includes fun facts and reading for ages 8 and above.)

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