Monday, June 25, 2007


Today, Vicki M. Taylor, author of Trust in the Wind, visits us. One of the amazing things I learned from Vicki during this interview....remember your dreams!

MEA: Since so many people ask me, "How did you get the idea for this story?" I'll ask you the same. It seems to be information readers like to know.

VICKI: Yeah, I get that question a lot. Basically, Trust in the Wind was a dream I had. A very vivid dream of the entire story. Even the ending. Best of all, I remembered it when I woke up and was able to write it all down.

MEA: That’s so interesting, Vicki. Also, great that you could remember it so vividly. So often dreams are vague and only half recalled.

Now for another question readers often wonder about... What's your favorite character and how did he/she enter yourlife/book?

VICKI: I think my favorite character changes depending on what story I'm writing. I really liked writing Joanne and Roy in Trust in the Wind. I loved creating Joey, the little boy. He took over the story in some spots. I also wrote a romantic suspense and had a great time creating the villain. I'd never written a really bad, evil person before so that was different. That story came to me in a dream as well. I have some pretty cool dreams.

MEA: Do you plan your books with an outline or do your characters sort of take over?

VICKI: I have a general idea about where the book is going, but my characters know how to get there better than I do, so I let them lead the way. If I try to force them to do something that isn't natural for them, the story gets all stilted and contrived.

MEA: What would you like your readers to take away from this book?

VICKI: That there are second chances. Everyone is deserving of one when when it comes to love. And, that love shouldn't be dictated by a number. It doesn't matter how old you are. Finally, that sometimes you have to put your trust in something that you may not know the outcome or be able to control, but that's okay.

MEA: Do you have anything else you'd like to share with your readers or to introduce them to you ?

VICKI: I just wrote "the end" on a book I'd been working on this year about a 39-year old mother of five who decides to adopt a pregnant 14-year old runaway teenager and the tragic results. Like Not Without Anna, it deals with some serious real life issues.

Thanks for the opportunity to answer your questions.

MEA: Thank you, Vicki, for taking time to stop by Potpourri of Writing.

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