Wednesday, June 13, 2007

7 Random Facts About Mary Emma

This meme, 7 Random Facts About....., has been going around and I was asked, on one of my other blogs, to participate. Although I won't tie this into the meme, I thought it a fun way for my readers to get to know me.

You can do something similar on your blog...let me know and I'll mention it here. Or add something in the comments about you and your writing.

1. I've always wanted to be a writer, but my mom advised me to get a teaching degree. "So you can make a living," she said. So I received a degree in elementary education and have combined writing with substitute teaching, as well as presenting author programs in schools to encourage young writers and readers.

2. I grew up on a farm in the Hudson River Valley of New York State (USA). We worked hard on the farm, but had many fun times, too. I'm starting to write my memories so my daughter and grandchildren will know of their heritage.

3. My maternal grandfather was a writer as well as a farmer. He wrote a column for two local newspapers, his autobiography, a great deal of poetry, and many sermons. I'm pleased that I have much of his writing...original drafts and copies of newspaper articles.

4. I enjoy my husband and I have lived and traveled throughout much of the United States and some of Canada. Some of these trips have been in a bi-plane which we owned at one time, a Model A Ford across the Rockies (with a 10 month old daugher), by foot into the wilderness, on a bicycle, and by modern auto. My writing and Jim's consulting business enable us to continue our traveling.

5. We live in a multi-generational home in the woods with kids, grandkids, and assorted pets. It's "the house that Jim built" which is still under construction.

6. I've written a cooking column, "Country Kitchen," for newspapers and occasionally magazines, since 1962. Now I need to collect some of those columns into a book!

7. I cared for my mother and aunt who had Alzheimer's disease. This was an experience, though frustrating and discouraging at times, that brought great rewards as my family and I were able to comfort them and hopefully bring them joy in their journey. I wrote a book , When We Become the Parent to Our Parents, about this and now a blog, Alzheimer's Notes.

What are your 7 Random Facts?

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