Saturday, August 13, 2005

Scrapbooking a Story Journal

As you get ideas for a new novel or non-fiction book, why not use scrapbooking techniques as these develop? Since I’m very involved in scrapbooking my family heritage, I decided to use a few of these techniques as I made notes for my novel for youngsters, Papa Goes to War.

This book evolved from researching my family history and discovering that some of my grandmother’s uncles served in the Union Army during the Civil War. I found tidbits of information to serve as a springboard for developing a novel about a family set in the area where this one lived.

This becomes a storyboard for my own thoughts.

The scrapbook erves as “show & tell” when I talk to young readers…or writers of children’s stories.

It has become the basis for a workshop I teach.

It provides something of additional interest when I give book signings and talks.

Possible Inclusions:

*Pictures from family album of people who inspired the novel

*Map of the area where the story takes place

*Family tree

*Letters from the great, great uncles who fought in the war

*Pictures of Uncle George’s grave at a Union cemetery

*Patches of quilts the ladies and young girls made to send to their soldiers

*Illustrations of styles of dress of that era

*Description of life and schooling at that time

*Sketches about the story that could appear in the scrapbook.

The ideas are endless for developing a story journal scrapbook as you work on your novel or non-fiction book.


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