Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Enjoyment of Writing for Anthologies

I’ve had stories published in a number of anthologies, generally inspirational ones and those focused for writers. This, along with my column writing, has provided some of the greatest rewards for me in my writing career.

To reach other people, encourage and inspire them, as well as simply giving them enjoyment as they read something that relates to their world or carries them from their problems has become a great purpose of my putting pen to paper or words on a computer screen.

Numerous anthologies have cropped up since The Chicken Soup for the Soul series came into being. I’ve been published in:

*God Allows U-Turns, American Moments
*Finding the Joy in Alzheimer’s, books 1 & 2
*Let Us Not Forget
*Heartwarmers of Spirit
*Romancing the Soul
*Half Full
*The Pint-Sized Piglet & other tales
*The Hopeless Hen & other tales
*Rare As Hen’s Teeth
*Tales of Adventure & Discovery

*Book Marketing from A-Z

Others are in the process of publication. This also doesn’t include e-book and CD collections where stories, articles, and poetry are featured.

While you’re in the process of writing your novel, waiting for stories to be accepted or that writing job to come about, look around for opportunities to submit to anthologies. Also, many of them will accept previously published pieces, as long as you’ve retained the rights.


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