Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ancestors Influence Our Writing

I've discovered that my ancestors have greatly influenced my writing. I've inherited writing genes from my paternal grandfather, a published writer, and discovered, when doing genealogy research, that there's interesting material provided there to write about.

My grandfather, Burton B. Coon, was a farmer in Milan, NY. However, he wrote columns for the local newspapers for many years, wrote sermons, and wrote for a farmers' magazine. I've discovered, too, that he composed a few songs...music and words. His poetryalso is lovely, the old-fashioned rhyming kind.

My mom's writing was never published. However, she and her mother were great letter writers. Mother also wrote poetry for her children and grandchildren...interesting little snippets that she sometimes illustrated. I must collect these into a book for her grands and great grands.

As I've researched my background, I've found fascinating people who lived quiet, yet courageous lives. My great, great grandmother Cynthia Irish Banks inspires me with her ability to keep going after her husband died, leaving her with 10 children, five of whom were dependent on her.

Through my research and my writing, my dad, although not a writer but great reader, encouraged me.

There must be stories in your family and ancestors who inspire you.

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