Friday, July 03, 2009

Making Sense of the Chaos

For years, I've often put my rough drafts, current projects, and copies of columns and articles into files and the files into boxes or file drawers. Sometimes there will simply be clippings, pamphlets and other items that make their way there, too.

Then how, I ponder, do I find them?

At one time I was much better organized. However, after living in a multi-generational house for more than a decade and balancing several jobs or businesses along with my writing, I sometimes feel I'm buried in chaos.

So, after hearing a couple of speakers mention the 20 Minutes a Day to Organization process, I determined to stick with it. (I've started several times, saw no progress in my mess and gave up.)

I've been doing this for about two weeks. From the outside, it doesn't look like I've accomplished much, but I know I'm making progress. My husband says he can see the floor in our bedroom/living room area!

I've found some older drafts that I can revitalize. I discovered greeting card designs from the days I made these for sale. I've found research, family memorabilia and other items to stimulate my writing.

So I'll stick to my 20 minutes of making sense of my chaos.

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