Sunday, February 15, 2009

Discovering the Delight of a Gardening Mystery Series

I’ve discovered a delightful mystery series by Ann Ripley with a gardener, Louise Eldridge as heroine. In addition to just solving a mystery in Death of a Political Plant, Louise has a gardening TV show near Washington, DC. We also learn much about gardens, gardening, and various types plants in the course of the story.

Included are essays by Ripley on various type of gardens and gardening history. Even though I don’t do so much gardening as I once did, I enjoy reading about various plants and their backgrounds. Some topics covered in the essays: bog gardens, low maintenance gardens, water gardens, annuals, garden tools and more.

I love to visit gardens, whether public ones, historic ones, or those simply growing around friends’ homes. Personally, I don’t have the time or patience I once did to dig and plant around our home. Perhaps one day I will again. My daughter enjoys this when she has time.

Other books in the Louise Eldrider garden mystery series: Mulch , Death of a Garden Pest, The Garden Tour Affair and Death in the Orchid Garden.

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