Monday, January 19, 2009

Authors - Use Obama Techniques in Your Promotions

Promotional Techniques in the Internet Age

More than any other presidential candidate, Barack Obama and his team appear to have utilized the wide reaching appeal of the Internet and the technique of branding to appeal to the masses and promote him as the best person to lead our country. Whether you agree or not with the results of the presidential election, you’ll have to admit that the Obama team used promotional methods that worked.

Can we as authors learn from this?

BRANDING – Finding a key word or buzz word that captured the attention and emotions of the public seemed important in the campaign. What did they settle on? Something very simple…. the word CHANGE.

This word has a different meaning for everyone. It can evoke images of change for the better or fear of change for the worst. Somehow the Obama team was able to construe images of changing one’s present situation for the better so that the majority followed blindly with images of something they considered “better” dancing in their heads.

As more and more people picked up on CHANGE, the campaign gained momentum for most Democrat candidates.

Can you find a buzz word that will appeal to your readers? It should be something simple…something that ties in with your book, your writing, and/or you. It should evoke appealing images and emotion in the minds of your readers (who will become your fans or followers).

However, be cautious that your buzz word doesn’t give the idea that you promise more than you can deliver.

USE OF THE INTERNET – In today’s world, it’s almost imperative that you utilize the Internet as much as you can. You saw this in the Obama campaign with web sites, blogs, and YouTube town meetings.

Web Site/Blog - Most authors have a web site and/or blog where they post information about their books and their lives. Blogs enable them to keep their readers informed on a day-to-day basis.

YouTube can help you with book trailers, talks, and demonstrations, even meetings with your readers. How did Obama utilize these online features to reach the public, whereas other candidates appeared still to be learning there was an Internet out there?

Do you have a Buzz Word?

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