Thursday, October 11, 2007


Steven M. Reilly tours the blogosphere this month with his book, The Fat Lady Never Sings: How a High School Football Team Found Redemption on the Baseball Diamond and is featured at Potpourri of Writing today.

Intriguing title isn't it? And Steve has written an intriguing story about this high school football team. Read a synopsis and excerpt at Pump Up Your Book Promotion. He's a baseball coach and practicing attorney who actually coached the team in this book.

Described as a sports memoir, The Fat Lady Never Sings relates the true story about the 1992 Red Raider baseball team of Derby, Connecticut. Steve was assistant coach at the time.

For more information, visit Steve's web site . Also take the poll and express your opinion regarding who should play Ben Bartone in the movie version of the book.

(A great book for the young sports enthusiasts in your life... and for adults as well.)


Mary Emma Allen said...

May you have great success with your book, Steve, and a super virtual tour of the blogosphere. This would be a great book for teachers to use to encouage young readers.

Steven M. Reilly said...

Thank you for allowing me to stop by on your blog. If readers want to know why I wrote the book, they can peek at the end of the game video on my web site and myspace page.


Mary Emma Allen said...

Thank you, Steve, for stopping by. I'll take a peek to learn why you wrote the book...then add something about it on my blog.
Thanks for sharing this.