Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Shobhan Bantwal, author of The Dowry Bride, takes a virtual tour of the blogosphere this month and stops by Potpourri of Writing. She was born and raised in India and came to the United States as a young bride, the result of an arranged marriage. Her mainstream women's fiction book, The Dowry Bride, was published by Kensington last month.

To read a synopsis and excerpt of The Dowry Bride, visit Pump Up Your Bok Promotioon Virtual Book Tours. Learn about Megha, as she realizes that her dowry isn't enough and her life is in danger.

Read more about Shobhan, her life and her writing at her web site.

I found Shobhan's photo gallery of interest, particularly those about a traditional Indian wedding.

Shobhan also relates how she came to write The Dowry Bride about the subject of dowry deaths. Through this book we learn about a culture of another country, yet are entertained at the same time.


Mary Emma Allen said...

Thanks for letting me showcase you at Potpourri of Writing, Shobhan. May you have much success with The Dowry Bride and your future writing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary Emma Allen:

How may authors interested in being showcased here contact you with more information? This seems a very novel idea; thank you for leading the way. My contact information is: yz.chin@gmail.com

Thank you!

Shobhan Bantwal said...

Mary Emma,
Thank you so much for hosting me and for your kind encouragement and comments. I look forward to being on your blog again in the future.

I think this is a wonderful forum for writers, both new and veteran.

Shobhan Bantwal