Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Virtual Blog Tour Tips Guest Post on Grow Your Writing Business

Yvonne Russell, of Grow Your Writing Business, asked me to write a guest post about virtual blog tour tips for the touring authors. It appears as Virtual Blog Tours - The Latest Innovation for Promoting Your Writing.

Apparently I hit upon some key points for authors and writers to consider when they're touring the blogosphere, for Scot Herrick, of Ten Keyboards, who also writes about virtual blog tours, mentioned my guest post at Great Tips for Virtual Book Tours. He says, "This is a great article [mine at Grow Your Writing Business] for how technology can help a writer market their work."

Next I'll research how authors and others who are making these tours can publicize them. You can do all the touring you want, but if no one knows about it or doesn't visit those blogs where you're interviewed, it doesn't do much good.


Yvonne Russell said...

Thanks for being a guest author at Grow Your Writing Business, Mary Emma. You did a great job, and Scot obviously agrees.

Mary Emma Allen said...

Thanks, Yvonne, for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. It was great fun to be a guest author on your blog.