Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Do You Want to Start a Writing Related Business?

Are you thinking of starting a business related to to your writing, but don't know where to begin? Did you start one recently, but find you could use advice?

Perhaps you want to expand your writing into speaking and teaching workshops, either in the writing field or a niche relating to your book topic. For instance, I've written about my mom's journey through Alzheimer's and my caregiving experiences. After When We Become the Parent to Our Parents was published, I began giving talks to caregiver groups, at nursing homes, in libraries, to senior citizen groups. Then I was asked to teach workshops whereby others could write about similar experiences. You can expand into these directions, too.

Perhaps you want to develop a publishing business? Or you want to teach cooking classes to further expand upon your recipe book. There are so many directions you can go with writing as a springboard.

So.....check out the Jump Start Your Business Contest at the b5media Business Channel and Home Biz Notes.

You'll find more details here......

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