Saturday, December 30, 2006

Teachers Use Tales of Adventure & Discovery

Teachers mention they like to read my stories from Tales of Adventure & Discovery (an anthology for children) to their students. It's gratifying to know teachers and their students find the stories enjoyable, entertaining, and educational. A coloring book, with illustrations and excerpts from the anthology was a logical next step for me.

The first story in the book, Sarah Jane's Daring Deed, has been very popular with youngsters when I read them stories and teach writing workshops. I often use it as a springboard for their own writing. Because this story set in pioneer days, I often tie the story in with history they may be learning at school. I'm currently in the process of developing a picture book version of this story.

One teacher purchased my book when I taught a writing workshop for educators. Other teachers in her school wanted to know where she had obtained it. So the school ordered a dozen books for the teachers to use.

Another teacher mentioned she'd borrowed a copy of the book from a colleague long enough so thought she should purchase her own.

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