Monday, November 14, 2005

Stories of Strength

Writing for anthologies gives me pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. This becomes even more fulfilling when I can use my talent to contribute to a cause such as Stories of Strength, where my essay, “Add Prayer in Times of Crisis,” appears.

Publication in an anthology often becomes a way to help others, where your contribution to a group project may do more than trying to do something alone. For instance, Stories of Strength was born out of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, when various authors were looking for ways to help. By combining their forces, they could do more as a group and produce a book with proceeds going toward disaster relief.

Stories of Strength was edited by Jenna Glatzer and published by Zulu. Many contributed more than stories; they donated editing, cover design, and copy editing services.

(For more information about Stories of Strength, visit or; available in print and e-book formats.)

©2005 Mary Emma Allen


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