Monday, October 31, 2011

Creating a Book Sales Site

In addition to writing and selling my own books, I've developed a book sales site, Mary Emma's Book Buzz Biz, where I'll mention books I have on hand for sale.

During yard sale season in NH, my family and I sort through the various books we've accumulated, fiction and non-fiction, for adults and children, and offer them to our visitors.  Books have been one of the high points of our sales.  Some people come each year to see what we have new in the way of books.

Now that it's too cold and snowy for yard sales, we turn to web sites and blogs.  A friend of mine has turned children's book sales into a business, particularly between Thanksgiving and Christmas, offering books on Amazon and e-bay.

Why not a blog or web site where you can mention your books?  Those you've written and those you may have accumulated for your reading and research but no longer have space to store.

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