Monday, March 21, 2011

The Banker's Greed - Successfully Launching a Book with Advance PR

Patricia Terrell (p. m. terrell) appears to be very successfully launching her new mystery novel, The Bankers' Greed, co-authored with T. Randy Stevens, due out March 31.  Positive reviews, blogging, book trailers, web site updates and a schedule of author appearances have helped the authors and publisher, Drake Valley Press,  get word out about this book.

Even two months ago, advance book sales were going well and book tour appearances had been scheduled. 

Even before the book has become widely available to the public, the heroine, Jessica Palmer will become part of a series!  According to Ms. Terrell's latest newsletter, "The initial reviews and critiques have been so favorable that a series is guaranteed, featuring Jessica Palmer, the daughter of a powerful and influential banker in Middle Tennessee."

Jessica's initial adventure and mystery solution is so captivating that reviewers and critics want to see more of her!

It bodes well for authors to study what Patricia and Randy have done to launch their book.  Learn from their techniques and begin promoting your book NOW.

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