Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Debbie Yost Writes About What She Knows

"Write about what you know," has been the age-old advice for writers. Sometimes this works and sometimes writers choose a different path.

However, for daycare provider, blogger and writer, Debbie Yost, this advice is paving the way for her writing. Debbie appeared as a guest blogger on Home Biz Notes, a blog I co-author with Yvonne Russell at b5media. In a four-part series, Debbie provided information and suggestions for anyone who is considering a home daycare or currently is operating one.

Most of Debbie's suggestions also work well for owners of other businesses. Check out the post, In Home Daycare Business Series Roundup. Here you'lll find the links to all of Debbie's posts at Home Biz Notes.

What are you doing in your life that you can expand upon and write about...either for the print media or online? Make a list of "what you know" and see what will come from it.

I'd enjoy hearing how you make out.

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