Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Complete Writer's Journal

Another anthology, or something similar that I've participated in...The Complete Writer's Journal. This is a neat idea, a journal with quotes from writers, predominately marketing or promotion ideas for one's writing and books.

My quote concerned the bookmarks I make or have made for my books. These are fun to hand out in schools or wherever I'm giving workshops. I realized that readers often keep autographed bookmarks from authors when I found one from June Lund Shiplett I've had for a number of years.

Actually my husband brought it home for me. He was at a mall where June had a display. When he mentioned that his wife was an author, too, June signed the bookmark and gave it to me.

I think perhaps readers are more likely to keep a bookmark if it's autographed.

The Complete Writer's Journal was compiled and edited by Pat McGrath Avery, Joyce Faulkner and Carolyn Howard-Johnson and published by Red Engine Press.

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